2024 Fashion goes wild

2024 Fashion goes wild

This year is going to be wild!
Spring is coming and it's finally getting warmer again. That's why it's high time to get ready for the latest trends for 2024.
Wild! In spring and summer, nothing works without the leo look!
Whether elegant or light and sporty, everything can be combined - the main thing is wild!
Take a look at our Wild Things.
Our Wild Thing Dress is not only light for warm days, it can also be combined with an elegant or rocking jacket. For sporty women, you can always wear a hoodie over it as soon as it gets a little cooler.
Leggings in white or leo look are also a must-have this year. We have both for you in the current collection. Our white and leo combination in particular emphasizes the sporty, feminine shape of your legs.

Hoodies!!! YES!!!
This year too, you can snuggle up and enjoy the comfort.
Red, white and soft colors such as lime green are particularly on trend. We like to combine this with a bit of rock and roll - a partial camo look that shows your wild side without being too rough.

Have fun and enjoy the day ahead.

Designed with love,

Your De Janoud Team
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