White - a must-have

White - a must-have

Like every year, there are some particularly trendy colors for spring and summer 2024.
But today it's all about the noblest of all colors - white.

It doesn't have to be a monochrome garment, because you can combine freely and creatively realize your look. Sporty hoodies, jackets and pants are particularly popular this year. You can combine these with more elegant pieces. So wear a white hoodie with smart trousers and choose elegant sneakers. Or wear white leggings and complete the look with a dark blazer. So be creative and dare to make the break between sporty pieces and elegance.

However, as plain white pieces are often too boring, it is highly desirable to add accents. White tops should have a few small highlights. For the rockers among you, a subtle camo is the right choice. But be careful, because you're not in the army. So it shouldn't be too large.
The leo print goes just as well with white tops. But please also make sure that white is clearly the main color.
You can also do without accents for your pants this year. Simply white - yes, that's allowed and always looks good. There are almost no limits to your combinations.

Incidentally, white also allows you to perfectly conceal problem areas or show off a great figure even better.

So have fun,

Your De Janoud Team

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